Who wants to buy the entire archive of L!VE TV, the worst TV channel ever?


Remember L!VE TV? The terrible late 90s TV channel notorious for its devotion to softcore porn and having a giant rabbit presenting the news? Well, here’s your chance to own it. All of it. Because someone appears to be selling the station’s archive on eBay.

The listing, which we’re going to cheerfully assume isn’t a hoax, offers:
“The entire programme archive of the former UK cable channel, LIVETV, which was known for programmes like Topless Darts and the Bouncing Dwarf Weather is being offered for sale.
Famous for its outrageous programme ideas, the archive has over 1,300 hours of finished programmes and formats as well as the LIVETV brand and website: livetv.co.uk.”
Among the treasures you will recieve if you win the auction are:


A piece of crap - $1 res

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